Along with the musical excellence and overall win from last...

Along with the musical excellence and overall win from last night’s show, upon returning to get some rest, two kids stole one of the vehicles we were using to get from city to city.

They made it four minutes down the road before wrecking it and running away on foot.

It is now un-drivable.

Inside the car was thousands of dollars of musical equipment, including mics, cords, a soundboard, my Macbook PRO, a full PA, etc. In the trunk, I had all my merch and the merch for Three Chord Bourbon. They took none of it. Nothing.

This morning the owner of Renwick Mansion, where we stayed last night, helped me recover the car from the impound. We packed up all the stuff and left the car in the lot for the time being.

The vehicle was loaned to us, not a rental, which complicates things further.

Trying to wrap my head around this one and problem solve.

If you’re willing to help a group of musicians and artists get to our next show, anything you could do would be greatly appreciated:

Venmo: @Chuckie-Campbell
PayPal: @$CampbellC2 (at Davenport, Iowa)