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My Buffalo, NY and Niagara Falls, NY family, we need your likes,... 

My Buffalo, NY and Niagara Falls, NY family, we need your likes, comments, and views on our new performance at @thegrilledcheeseshow in Charleston, SC. It’s been a minute since I reached out to people like this, but these numbers are lower than normal and this wasn’t released via our YouTube page, so it’s important we get some eyes on this as well as give a follow to the wonderful people at The Grilled Cheese! #livehiphop #liveband #buffalobands #buffalorappers #buffalohiphop #hiphop #emcees #livebandhiphop #buffalomusicians (at Charleston, South Carolina)

This year, Chuckie Campbell Presents has had some of its best... 

This year, Chuckie Campbell Presents has had some of its best shows at @jackrabbitbuffalo ! I just want to take a moment to thank them for their support of local and national talent, as their establishment is a true haven for artists. I also want to give my appreciation up for @threechordbourbon , who supported two long national tours and sponsored every local show we put together at Jack Rabbit. These were amazing shows with excellent line ups. #nationaltour #localartist #buffalorappers #buffalohiphop #buffalomusic #threechordsandthetruth #threechordbourbon #buffalomusicians (at Jack Rabbit)

Big up to everyone who came out to Jack Rabbit last night! It... 

Big up to everyone who came out to Jack Rabbit last night! It was jam packed with local and national talent, incredible musicianship, breathtaking artistry, attentive bartenders, and a crowd ready to make this a special Saturday night in the 716!

First, let’s recognize the band: @markmarinacciomusic on keys, @d_ray716 on drums, @danross_music on bass and guitar, and @kadeshflow joining on trombone. On short notice, this group learned a ton of original music, showed up, and showed out! You are the real MVPs!

Second, I have to thank Kadesh Flow for traveling (flying) from Kansas City, MO to bring his unique brand and talent to the city of good neighbors. A couple of times, I watched up the crowds’ eyes light up; they were fully resonating with your art.

Finishing with that Coolio tribute took everyone off guard! Legendary!

Next, I want to show love to for the vocal accompaniment of @greeniesha , @imdavestewy , and @themdukezkargbo (Mad Dukez); you all put on a master class in rocking the crowd. I expect no less but somehow you add something new every time that completely enhances the experience. It’s an honor and pleasure to share the stage with you.

Last but not least, we have to show love to @ceegee1990 (Cee Gee in the place to be)! Thank you coming back from your hiatus to keep the music running between sets and representing Buffalo hip hop to the fullest.

Below, I’ve selected some videos from the performances. Videos and pictures courtesy of @tee0402 and some tags on IG from Daniel Ross and Kadesh Flow.

Enjoy! — but please, if you like what you’re hearing, consider coming out to one of these shows. We are trying to cultivate rich and meaningful events that combine national touring acts with local talent that deserve the spotlight. I use this platform the way I do because it’s bigger than me.

This event was sponsored by @threechordbourbon — Finely tuned taste. Sip responsibly! #threechord #chuckiecampbell #threechordsandthetruth #finelytunedtaste #buffalohiphop #buffalomusic #buffalomusicians #buffalomusicscene #hiphopbands #livebandhiphop #buffalorappers #kansascity #kadeshflow #boombapandbourbon #jackrabbit (at Jack Rabbit)

There’s so much talent on this bill, I admittedly had no room to... 

There’s so much talent on this bill, I admittedly had no room to get everyone on this flyer.

This Saturday, brace yourself for a night of unbelievable music at @jackrabbitbuffalo ! @d_ray716 on drums, @markmarinacciomusic on keys, @danross_music on bass/guitar, TrumpetMan Virella on trumpet, and Ryan Jamaal Davis on trombone.

Vocals by myself, Mamudu Kargbo (@themdukezkargbo ), and @greeniesha !

Additional sets by the one and only @imdavestewy and our our touring act, @kadeshflow , from Kansas City, MO. On the 1s and 2s, Columbus Isiah Green (@ceegee1990 ) is in the place to be!

Brought to you in part by @threechordbourbon — finely tuned taste! #threechord #chuckiecampbell #bourbonandbeats #finelytunedtaste #hiphop #buffalohiphop #buffalorappers #buffalomusic #buffalony (at Jack Rabbit)

It’s been 17 days straight of the Boom Bap and Bourbon Tour and... 

It’s been 17 days straight of the Boom Bap and Bourbon Tour and we made it home safe and sound, enough to play at the @beaufleuvemusicarts on Sunday.

Below you’ll find some video clips of our performance. Thank you to @tee0402 , @g_premacy , and @beatsanonymous for capturing some of the footage.

In another forthcoming post, I’ll be taking some time to thank some individuals for helping us meet our tour obligations during the crises of unforeseen and mostly uncontrollable events that took place on this tour, but for now, I’m going to take a deep breath and let go.

Love and appreciation is extended to each and every person who rocked out with us across the country. Beau Fleuve is doing excellent work with local vendors and artists; I can only see growth from here. We were happy to be apart of everything and hope to get invited back in the future! #beaufleuve #boombap #boombapandbourbon #buffalorappers #buffalohiphop #buffalomusic #buffalomusicians (at Buffalo Central Terminal)

Everyone should be free to imagine and reimagine what success is... 

Everyone should be free to imagine and reimagine what success is to them outside the market-driven idealized success that is fed to us via society. To me, success is more deeply rooted in our values, freedom, creativity, genuine happiness, safety, and healthy human relationships. Popular culture has become akin to a factory producing standardized cultural goods—films, songs, radio programmes, streaming services, magazines, etc. That kind of standardization creates a force field, where artifacts of culture that should be valued for their unique perspectives are instead valued by streams and attention, producing a false economy around art and the consumption of art. The result is that art becomes a product in the same way that Nike produces a t-shirt, where the same t-shirt is produced and reproduced over and over. In the same way, ideology streamlines itself, especially in music, and a lot of what gets attention is reproduced: a copy of a copy of a copy. Consumption of the easy pleasures of popular culture, made available by the mass communications media, renders people docile, no matter how difficult their economic circumstances. It shifts their values. The inherent danger of the culture industry is the cultivation of false psychological needs that can only be met and satisfied by the products of capitalism and not what humanity needs more of — a value system that works for freedom, creativity, safety, and genuine happiness. I’m reminded of this when I go into schools and spread the messages of love, peace, anti-racism, anti-bullying, etc. My music has never won a Grammy and never been number one on the billboard charts, but I consider myself vastly more successful than some artists who hit number one and are now ashamed of their “one-hit-wonder” status, or other artists who push negativity on the world, to in the end, only see themselves gain popularity or fame. In the community and culture of hip hop I grew up in, it was about the have nots; it was about revolution; it was about self expression and creativity that temporarily removed us from the pain and anguish of our every day existence emerging out low-income and high-crime neighborhoods. (at Madison Middle School)

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