As a recent signee to Automatic Records, a multi-genre independent music label with offices in Minneapolis, MN, New Brunswick, NJ, and Brooklyn, NY, Chuckie Campbell will soon release, Shadows Resembling God, a collaborative EP with bay-area producer OneWerd.  

Exploring various interlocking themes -- such as faith and doubt, adversity and fulfillment, restraint and freedom -- underlying tensions build against the layered soundscapes, only to be released in soaring choruses by Dane Ferguson (Built to Fade), Dave Stewy, and Maya by Name. In the end, Shadows Resembling God is at its best when it embraces the very contradictions it dares to explore and resists answering the questions it poses -- only to provoke more.

Campbell joins other artists such as Adriatic, Mimo, Jada Brown,  Myka 9, Jonsahn, DJ Pizza Slice, Techa One, Strange Dust, Origami Bones, Pseudoubt, and more. Founded by Adrian Garrison Williams in 2019, Automatic Records aims to curate a diverse catalog of alternative hip-hop, soulful R&B, psychedelic pop, and beyond.